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Beat your friends on Leaderboard by scoring as high as you can.

Drive to the top of the cliff and score as high as you can by achieving coins diamonds and levels.

Always keep your car fueled up. Once the fuel is out so are you from the game.

Experience the driving thrill of both drifting and drag on your way up the cliff.

There are 10 levels in total, equipped with different types of obstacles. With every level you cross your points increases in succession. Diamonds are worth more than coins.

Types of Obstacles that you will come across are - Stones, Vertical Fans, Horizontal Fans, Vertical Sweepers, Horizontal Sweepers and combination of these and many other obstacles.

Game offers different Car Colors like - White | Brown | Green | Pink | Red | etc and many others will be added soon.

Enjoy different Environments and themes like -
- Jungle
- Lava
- Sand
Many others will be added soon.

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